Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Last 3 days of catches

"Last 3 Days on the Water"

The RockHound ran to the Eastern Shore this weekend 
to hopefully put some Big Rocks in the boat.

Saturday was slow for us, but we had some action.

It was a beautiful day on the water.

Sunday was more of a Black Sunday for us. We
had only one hit all day that never came tight.

Monday we ran to the York River, and had
fun boating over 40 schoolies up to 32" fish.

We will be back out there Thursday morning, and we 
have some walk on spots open for this weekend.

Upcoming Walk on dates;

Friday Evening;  Canceled

Sunday;  2 spots open  $125.00 per Angler

Call Capt. Pete 
for more info and to book a spot

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

After the Blow

"After the Blow, it's time to go"

I'll be on the water running charters starting Friday, with the blow we have had out of the north this week should have pushed the upper bay fish are way. I have a few walk on spots available.

Available Walk on Charters
Saturday 12/13   2 spots    $125.00 per angler
Depart at 7 AM return between 4 - 4:30 PM

Sunday 12/14     FULLY BOOKED
Depart at 7 AM return between 4 - 4:30 PM 

Tuesday Night      CANCELED
Depart at 5:30 PM return around midnight.

Plus mates tip 20% is the norm.

Call Capt. Pete at 757-256-6305

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Lets go Catching

"Lets go Catching"

Thats right, "CATCHING" the fish are here in great
numbers. There's no better time to get on the water
and land rock fish in the Lower Chesapeake Bay.

Rock Hound Charters Captain Pete, has been out 
there the last few days zeroing in on the hot spots.
I've been fishing on buddy boats to get a pattern 
down. Yesterday I had the pleasure to fish with 
Bill McCabe out of Salt Ponds Marina. I got a 
chance to handle a rod, and landed this nice 49"
rock fish. First for me in 3 years to land a fish.

We are about to have the best Bay Rock Fish 
season in years, fish in the 50 lb range are now 
being landed. And the RockHound is ready, we've 
been quiet the last few weeks waiting for them to 
show. The last few days I have been fishing personally, 
getting our technique tuned up and have done well 
locating and landing Trophy Rock Fish.

 Rock Hound Charter Rates;
Monday to Thursday full day charter discounted to $600.00

Friday to Sunday full day charter discounted to $700.00

Night Charter any evening $600.00

Full day Walk on's $125.00 

Night walk on's $100.00

"So, let's go CATCHING"
Call Capt. Pete today 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Schools of fun

"Lots of Fun with Schoolie's"

Saturday the RockHound started out behind
the 4th island casting. Bill gets the first fish
of the day, a nice 34" Rock Fish at 8 AM.

By around noon the crew boated 3 keepers,
before heading to the Eastern Shore to check
out the afternoon eel bite.

We made 1 long drift, marking tons of bait, with
a few nice marks on the fish finder. The winds
picked up and we picked up and ran to the mouth
of the York River. 

Alone the way we see the birds
working hard, so we put out a nice mix of baits
and started trolling. After about 30 min. we 
boated over 25 schoolie's with 2 more keepers
for the fish box. 

                     Call Capt. Pete for more info

Saturday, November 15, 2014

2 November Charters

"November Rock Fish Schoolies"

    The RockHound ran walk on Charters the last two weekends. One to the 4th Island that landed only one keeper.

And one up the James River to the M&M which put
4 keepers in the box. We totaled over 40 catches the
last 2 weekends, with only 5 keepers. It was nice to
see our future stock the last 2 weekends.

With the water temps dropping, the fishing is getting 
better everyday. The bigger Rocks should be nearing
our local waters soon from the upper bay, and the 
smaller fish we released today did have sea lice on them.

We are going to change it up next weekend by running 
a Triangle Wreck charter on Saturday the 22nd.

Call Capt. Pete at
to book a charter today

Thursday, October 30, 2014

All ready for Action

"Its Time to Hook Rock Fish"

     Well, with reports coming in of schoolie size rock fish being landed, ( up to 24" ) and the cold front this weekend makes for a great start to the 2014 fall season. 

   The Rock Hound is ready to fish, and we are all geared up. We will be wire lining, chucking and casting to start the season. The new Mate (Colin) of the "Rock Hound" has over 15 years 
experience targeting and putting  fish in the box fishing these methods. 

     As in the past we will be running "Walk On Charters" on  Sunday's and Saturday's if available. Also, we will be running
weekday charter specials (Monday thru Thursday) throughout 
the season. 

Call Capt. Pete Today 
to book a trip


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Big Reds and Fall Rock Fish Season

"Pullage in the Bay"
After being unable to get out on the water, the
RockHound had found sometime to change that. We
ran out to the 3rd island Tuesday in 2 to 3 footers, 

 Started trolling for Blues and Macs to use 
for bait later on Red Drum.

It laid down nice around noon, and put lots of Blues 
in the box. Than had a hell of a run on light tackle,
 reel was screaming, got it to the boat. Its a 
False Abby at the CBBT.

So, now its time to set up for some Red Drum action.

Ended the day with boating Reds sea side of the 4th island.

The Rock Hound is now gearing up  for the
"Fall Rock Fish Season"

We plan to step it up this year in October. In the 
passed the Rock Hound waited for the Big Rock
Fish to show up to run charters. This year we are
planning to fill the fish box by targeting Rock Fish
schoolie's. We will also be adding other fish species 
to our Oct. charters to put more meat in the box. 

"Walk on's" 
As in the past, the Rock Hound is committed to giving
Anglers the chance to enjoy a day on the water without
the worries of trying to find 5 anglers to fill the charter 
boat. We offer many walk on charters weekly,and like in 
past years Sunday's are reserved for our walk on clients.

Call Capt Pete
 to book your next Charter

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fishing in the Pond

"Fishing the Big Pond"
The weather conditions made for a great ride both
to and from the offshore waters of the Norfolk
Canyon. The glassy water looked like a big pond today. 

The Rock Hound started the day's charter trolling, we
started at 30 fathoms outside the Norfolk Canyon. After
working the area we headed east to the north wall of
the canyon. Trolling for over 4 hours, we went 0 for 4
on White Marlins and 0 for 2 on mystery runs.

Approaching my Blue Line Tile hole, it was lines
in and time to deep drop for some meat.

With a drift speed of only 0.3, kept us right on top
of an avg. size of tile fish. After 1 hour we had 
boated a 5 man limit of meat for our anglers.

After a nice tile bite, and the anglers having a
great 1 hour work out we headed to the south 
side of the canyon to try our luck again trolling.
After 2 hours, we had no action trolling. With
the anglers all rested from the tile action, on to
the Black Sea Bass hole we went.

Once there, the boys wasted no time putting nice size 
BSB in the box. Even with no trolling action today, we 
made up for it with some great bottom fishing.

The Rock Hound is running another "Walk On" 
Charter next Saturday the 16th. Hoping to get
a good report of a YFT / Mahi bite by than, its 
nice to know we won't be coming home empty.

                        Walk on Charter's
       Date       Where       Availability      Cost 
        08/16/14       offshore          5 open spots           $250.00

Call Capt. Pete today at, 
to book a charter 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Perfect weather meat run

"Perfect weather meat run"

  The Rockhound departed Salt Ponds Marina for a Deep Drop meat run with the hard core boys from Maryland. Horace and company  are dialed in when it comes to Deep Drop fishing. All 6 came with electric reels and tackle station. 


   Take a notice of the bag on this anglers hip, its the battery
pack for his electric reel.  I was shocked at the end of 8 hours
of hard fishing that this battery lasted all day. 

     As you can see we started by hitting my "Black Sea Bass"
hole, this is Cowboy with the bent rod. The bite was on

          and these boys just ate it up and Cowboy doubles up.

    After getting their fill of BSB, it was time to hit the Blueline Tile flats. As you can see in the pic's the weather conditions were perfect. With a 0.5 drift speed and winds out of the SE, made for some great BLT action.

  All in all, it was a great charter. these boys boated BSB, Lingcod, Blue line Tile, monkFish, Barrel Fish and 2 nasty eels. No Golden Tile today, still trying to dial in on the right area.


Upcoming Walk ons;
Aug. 9th, 1 open spot left $250 per angler.

Call Capt. Pete today 
and get in on the Action.


Monday, July 14, 2014

Fun at the Canyon

"Fun at the Canyon"

The Rock Hound hit the open blue water Saturday 
in the Norfolk Canyon. Put lines in the water at 
around 6 AM, and within 5 min. it was game on.

First angler up was Diane, it was her Birthday
and she was rewarded with her first Mahi catch.

We had fun with the Mahi bite for sure, but never did
get a tuna bite today. Everyone got reel time, and Mark
got a bonus when the way back rod starts peeling line.

After a nice fight, Mark boats a nice 67" White Marlin.

The Rock Hound has plans to hit the canyon, call now.

              Walk on's;
  8/09/14               4 open spots          $250.00
This is a offshore Charter

To book a trip call Capt. Pete at 


Friday, July 4, 2014

"All Done and Ready for Action"

                I've been busy working at my real job for the past 
            4 months. At the same time when I had the time I
            worked on the Rock Hound giving her some much 
            needed TLC. 

        I and the Rock Hound are in did ready for Action, and 
   now booking Charters for the Bay to the Norfolk Canyon.

    We are still doing "Walk On's" and have a walk on Offshore Charter planned for Saturday 7/12, weather permitting. With the BFT and YFT just south of the Norfolk Canyon, the odds are good for some Tuna action. The dolphin bite has been steady,
with nice griffers up to 25 LBS being landed.

   We will also be hitting some deep drop holes for tile fish and Black Sea Bass as well. Will pull out of Salt Ponds Marina at
2:30 AM and return around 5PM.

              To book a trip call Capt. Pete at 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Day Changed to Sunday

Triangle Wreck fishing Charter
Do to the weather, we are moving Saturday's charter 
to Sunday. And how have 3 spots available.

Pulling out of Salt Ponds Marina at 6 AM
and returning back to dock at 4 PM

Cost is $150.00 per Angler plus mates tip.

Call Capt. Pete 
for more info or to book a trip

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Just Under

 "Shortie's all Day"

Saturday's weather was perfect, we pulled out at 
7:15 am and ran to the near shore wrecks today.

We were not short on action today, right out of the
gates we were hooking up on Tautog, as we moved 
around the wreck we were on we had the same results 
all day. All shorties, we boated over 45 Togs today 
and most were in the 14 to 14 1/2" range. We did boat 
over a dozen tagged  Tautog's today and all on board 
got Tee shirts to order.  

The Rock Hound as moved back to it's Dog House,
and is now running out of Salt Ponds Marina.

This Saturday's weather looks pretty good as of
now, with 2 to 3 foot rollers every 9 sec. with winds
out of the east at 12 knots for the Triangles. So the
Rock hound is planning on running a Walk on trip
this Saturday. We will be pulling out of Salt Ponds
Marina at 6 AM and returning around 4PM.

Walk on Charter's
Triangle Wreck fishing
Saturday 02/08; 5 open spots
Cost $150.00 per Angler + mates tip

Call Capt. Pete 
for more info or to book a trip

Monday, January 20, 2014

Tautog walk on charters

"Up Coming Tautog Walk On's"

The Rock Hound will be running near shore Walk on 
charters out of  Va Beach Fishing Center this weekend.

Friday 1/31/14;        4 open spots

Saturday 2/01/14;     3 open spots

Cost per Angler $125.00

Call Capt. Pete 
for more info or to book and Trip at,

Friday, January 17, 2014

A Great Tau Tog of a day

 "A Great Tau Tog Day"

Well we had  no shows this morning, so we headed out 
anyway for a fun trip. we anchored up around 8 am, 
and started catching Togs right away.

As the day went on, we were catching short after 
short size Togs. Than a keeper, and another keeper.

Than the bite got a little better around 2 PM, John
lands a nice 20" Tog and a 17" to go with it.

Our count was now 38 short Togs and 5 keepers,
than 16 year old John Kurowski lands the BIG ONE

This is a fish of a life time, 29 3/4 inch  Tau Tog

That deserves another Picture, and maybe a new 
Junior World Record, Official weigh in tomorrow.

The Rock Hound will be headed back 
out for Tau Togs next good weather day.

Call Capt. Pete 
for more info or to book a trip.