Friday, February 7, 2014

Day Changed to Sunday

Triangle Wreck fishing Charter
Do to the weather, we are moving Saturday's charter 
to Sunday. And how have 3 spots available.

Pulling out of Salt Ponds Marina at 6 AM
and returning back to dock at 4 PM

Cost is $150.00 per Angler plus mates tip.

Call Capt. Pete 
for more info or to book a trip

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Just Under

 "Shortie's all Day"

Saturday's weather was perfect, we pulled out at 
7:15 am and ran to the near shore wrecks today.

We were not short on action today, right out of the
gates we were hooking up on Tautog, as we moved 
around the wreck we were on we had the same results 
all day. All shorties, we boated over 45 Togs today 
and most were in the 14 to 14 1/2" range. We did boat 
over a dozen tagged  Tautog's today and all on board 
got Tee shirts to order.  

The Rock Hound as moved back to it's Dog House,
and is now running out of Salt Ponds Marina.

This Saturday's weather looks pretty good as of
now, with 2 to 3 foot rollers every 9 sec. with winds
out of the east at 12 knots for the Triangles. So the
Rock hound is planning on running a Walk on trip
this Saturday. We will be pulling out of Salt Ponds
Marina at 6 AM and returning around 4PM.

Walk on Charter's
Triangle Wreck fishing
Saturday 02/08; 5 open spots
Cost $150.00 per Angler + mates tip

Call Capt. Pete 
for more info or to book a trip

Monday, January 20, 2014

Tautog walk on charters

"Up Coming Tautog Walk On's"

The Rock Hound will be running near shore Walk on 
charters out of  Va Beach Fishing Center this weekend.

Friday 1/31/14;        4 open spots

Saturday 2/01/14;     3 open spots

Cost per Angler $125.00

Call Capt. Pete 
for more info or to book and Trip at,

Friday, January 17, 2014

A Great Tau Tog of a day

 "A Great Tau Tog Day"

Well we had  no shows this morning, so we headed out 
anyway for a fun trip. we anchored up around 8 am, 
and started catching Togs right away.

As the day went on, we were catching short after 
short size Togs. Than a keeper, and another keeper.

Than the bite got a little better around 2 PM, John
lands a nice 20" Tog and a 17" to go with it.

Our count was now 38 short Togs and 5 keepers,
than 16 year old John Kurowski lands the BIG ONE

This is a fish of a life time, 29 3/4 inch  Tau Tog

That deserves another Picture, and maybe a new 
Junior World Record, Official weigh in tomorrow.

The Rock Hound will be headed back 
out for Tau Togs next good weather day.

Call Capt. Pete 
for more info or to book a trip.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Wreck fishing

"Near Shore Wreck fishing Charter"

    Well last week we ran a charter to the Triangles, and 
Tau-tog was the target species. After several moves and 
C&R over 50 black sea bass, and dogfish it was clear the 
Tog have not started to bite yet. 

      Being the Tau-tog are not biting in the Bay or at the 
Triangles, so we plan to hit the near shore wrecks on Friday.

Friday;   Tau-tog Charter   4 open spots
Cost $125.00 per angler 

Call Capt. Pete 
for more info or to book a charter at


Monday, January 6, 2014

Can't pass it up

"Meat run to the Triangles"

Well with a nice weather window on Thursday the
Rock Hound is planing a Charter to the Triangles for 
Tog and Flounder. Will depart from Va. Beach Fishing
Center at 6:00 am and return by 4:00 pm.

Fully Booked 

Call Capt. Pete
 for more info or to book a Trip at

Friday, January 3, 2014

Jan. Walk on up Dates

"Walk on Up Dates"

Wednesday 1/08/14;       4 open spots

Saturday 1/11/14;        1 open spot

Saturday 1/18/14;       Fully Booked

**Cost  $150.00 per Angler**

Call Capt Pete 

for more info or to book a Charter