Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday Rocks

"Citation's  Today"

The day started out nice with a 44 Lber
in the boat at about 9am.

Our 2nd fish just missed at 38 Lbs

Than its doubles, and 1 at 42 Lbs

At about 1PM the rod just takes off and
we put this fat pig in the boat,
a 48 Lber

Ended up with only 9 rocks in the box,
but boy they were nice Rockfish.

The fish are here and its getting better
each day. The bay is full of fish and all
we need is a little cold weather to push them out.

Walk on Up date;

                                 Tuesday 2/7, 3 spots open

Friday 2/10, 3 spots open

Sunday 2/12, 4 spots open

Cost $150.00 per angler

Call Capt. Pete at 757-256-6305

Thursday, January 26, 2012

" Now that was Fast"

"It was over before it Started"

Got to the fishing grounds at 6:45 am

Had 3 lines in and  "fish on"

As soon as we got our 8 rod spread out,
BANG 4 rods go down.

Made 2 pass's, and the box was full
with 14 rocks.

Thats 14 Rocks in the box by 7:45 AM

To get in on the Action, call
Capt. Pete

Walk on updates

Tues. 1/31, Fully Booked

Fri. 2/03, 1 spot open

Sun. 2/05,2 spots open

Cost, $150.00 per angler

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Rocks are Back"

"There Back"

Started the day off with a long run to the North.

After getting to Ship Shoals and finding a ghost town
we headed back to the Cape.

Got lines in at 11:00am and started picking away.

By 2:30 we had our limit and headed in.

 walk on's for next week,

Tues. 1/31, have 2 spots open

Friday, 2/3  have 3 spots open

Sunday 2/5,  4 spots open

Cost $150.00 per angler

Call Capt. Pete to book


Sunday, January 22, 2012

"No Rock, Just Tuna"

"Blue Fin Tuna Action"

                       Since the weather turned last Tuesday,
the rockfish bite has been poor. With large
pods of fish to the north, the bite should pickup
at any time. The Blue Fin bite is on Fire at this
time, we have hooked up everyday this week.
Score is 3 hookups and 1 boated a 157 LBs 2 lost
to lines cut by other boats coming in on us.

We have the following dates open for Walk ons,

Tues. the 24th,  Fully Booked

Tues. the 31st 3 spots open.

Sun. the 5th of Feb. 4 spots open.

Call Capt. Pete to book at;


Monday, January 16, 2012

"Tuff day on the Water"

"Winds were blowing Sunday"

Started out with 2 to 3 footers today, and later
in the day 3 to 4 footers with a 5 footer here and
 there. To rough to get pic's of catch on the water.


We put only 8 fish in the box today, and missed
6 others, need to fix that.Will be back out Tues.
to go at it again, "can't be Top Dog everyday".

Call Capt. Pete to book a charter today.



Sunday, January 15, 2012

"Maryland Crew Rocks"

Started out slow today do to the west winds
blowing the bait and Rocks over the line.

We put our spread out and tuna trollled the line
looking for signs of bait.

After waiting for the Rockfish to come back in,
we had put 2 fish in the boat by 10:30

Than we started to get marks of bait and fish
at the 2 mile line, "Game On"

The next 3 hours we got steady knock downs,

and by the end of the day we limited out with
 14 Rocks in the box.

Call Capt. Pete to book your next Charter.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"We got it done Wednesday"

"DC Boys get it done"

What can you say, it was a hell of a day
on the water today.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Big Rock at the Cape"

"Big Fish Hit The Deck"

A great day at the Cape on Tuesday.

The boys from NewPort News had there hands full.

At the end of the day, we had filled the Box.

The best fishing in years is going on right now, call
Capt. Pete to get in on the Action.


Monday, January 9, 2012

"weekend Rockfish"

"RockHound Action"

Sunday started out slow, one here one there.

By the end of the day

Nice Rocks for everyone on board the RockHound.

Call Capt. Pete to book a Charter Today


"Rockin Weekend"

"The Weekend Rocks"

There was a good weather window this weekend.

And the "RockHound" was ready for Action.

We limited out by 9am this day.

Call Capt, Pete today and book a
charter date and get in on the Action.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

January "Rocks"

"Fish Box Full of Rocks"

This is what its all about, father and son
enjoying great time together reeling in Rockfish.

The bite started slow today with 2 nice rocks
in the first 2 hours. As soon as the tide changed
so did the bite, with a 4 rod grand slam.

The boys from Maryland all caught there
personal best Rochfish on the "RockHound" today.

By the 3 hour the birds were diving and the
Rockfish were hitting hard.

Days like this are day's we remember, good
Friends, good weather and great fishing.

After all said and done the the count was
16 Rocks in the box, from 39" to 44" by 11:30am

 The boys wanted to have some more fun,
so now its jigging time.

It was a nice day on the "RockHound"
with over 2 dozen rockfish hitting the deck.

Its time to get out on the water, we have
walk on spots available for every Sunday in
the month of January. Call Capt. Pete today
for more info and avilablity, walk ons are
on a first come first served basis.