Tuesday, December 24, 2013

January Walk on's and more,

"Up coming Walk on's and more"

    The Rock Hound is planning to fish, 
The Rock Fish Shoot Out.

We're giving walk on Anglers a chance
 to get in on the Tournament Action. 

The cost per Angler will be $275.00

Walk on cost includes the following;
 Charter Fee
 Tournament Fee
Winner take all fee
 Breakfast Ticket
 Banquet Ticket

Boat gets 50% of all winning's.
Anglers get 50% of all winning's, 
to be divide 6 ways between Anglers

Tournament Walk on;      Friday 1/10/14;      6 open spots

Tournament Walk on;    Saturday 1/11/14;    6 open spots 

For more info or the book a charter
Call Capt. Pete

Monday, December 23, 2013

Moving to Rudee Inlet

   Rock Hound Charters move's to  
"Virginia Beach Fishing Center" 
Starting January 1st.

Like in past years, the Rock Hound is moving closer to 
the winter fishing action. The move gives us more time 
fishing and less time running to the fishing grounds.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happy Holidays

"Happy Holidays"

    Rock Hound Charters would like to wish a safe and "Happy Holiday Season" to all our friends and  family.

   Another year is coming to a close, and to those who 
have had there up's and down's this past year a wish
you a better upcoming year. 

 Peace in your heart, Peace in your home, and Peace on earth. 

"Happy Holidays"
Capt. Pete Esgro

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Can't hook up if you don't Go

"The Best 2 weeks of the year are Here"

        The next 2 weeks, from Dec. 15th to Jan.1st has always 
been the prime time to catch that Trophy Rock Fish. Over the 
past 2 years rocks up to 65 Lbs have been boated during this 
2 week stretch.

     The past few days the bite has been off, but there were a 
 hand full of nice fish boated this weekend. Reports of fish 
being marked though out the Eastern Shore waters, but very
little takers.

     There are fish here, the bite will turn on. So, with that said, 
you can't catch them sitting on the couch. For all the up coming
Charters the Rock Hound is going to give a discount for all the week day "Walk On" angler till Dec.31st.

Up coming Walk on Dates;

Sunday   12/22     Day Charter       Canceled 

Friday   12/27     Day Charter     Fully Booked

         Plus Mate's Tip, 15% to 20% is the norm 

For more info or to Book a Charter 
call Capt. Pete at

Saturday, December 7, 2013

"Time for the rods to Bend"

    The Rock Hound adjustment this past week worked well. We
put Rocks in the past few days from 34' to 37''. Most of the bites
were in the afternoon to sundown, but there were reports from other Charter Captains of early morning hook ups. 

   Got a report Saturday morning from Jet Ski Brain who braved
the winds and 3 to 4 foot waves. He had fished the area we have
been hitting the past few days and boated 3 nice rock fish up to
47" range.

    So, this upcoming week, we only have a few weather days to 
fish, and we have a few walk on spots available;

For more info or to book a trip
Call Capt. Pete at;

Monday, December 2, 2013

"New Game Plan Adjustment"

Hello Anglers, 
   well the Rock Hound has been fishing hard as always, and the results have not been up to par. And to my charters from the
last week, I've giving them all a discount on there next booking. 

   The time of the bite going off this weekend has been after the
Rock Hound was heading back to the dock. So we are going to
start our charters a little later so we can stay out for the late
bite. We plan to run some afternoon/evening charters this week
as well.

   The fish are here, and there numbers are increasing every 
day. The water temps are ideal, and with the little warm up
coming this week will insure they don't drop to fast. It's only
the 2nd of Dec. and the big Bay bite is right on time from here 
to Jan. 1st.

For more info or to book a charter 

Call Capt. Pete at