Monday, December 2, 2013

"New Game Plan Adjustment"

Hello Anglers, 
   well the Rock Hound has been fishing hard as always, and the results have not been up to par. And to my charters from the
last week, I've giving them all a discount on there next booking. 

   The time of the bite going off this weekend has been after the
Rock Hound was heading back to the dock. So we are going to
start our charters a little later so we can stay out for the late
bite. We plan to run some afternoon/evening charters this week
as well.

   The fish are here, and there numbers are increasing every 
day. The water temps are ideal, and with the little warm up
coming this week will insure they don't drop to fast. It's only
the 2nd of Dec. and the big Bay bite is right on time from here 
to Jan. 1st.

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