Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Awesome Weather to go Fishing"

"Great Weather for Fishing"

Today the weather was awesome, started out
with frost all over the "RockHound". The ride
out was 2 to 3 footers, with a nice sunrise. 

We got to the fishing grounds and put our standard 
8 rod spread out. The tide was still incoming til about 
11am, with 3 foot rolling waves. After the slack tide 
give way to the out going tide the action started. 

The inside planner board gets smashed, Bill
is first to the rod with the reel screaming.
After a 15 Min. battle, Bills wins with a 
nice 43" Rock Fish in the boat.

Not to be out done, as soon as we get the
planner back out it gets hit again. This 
time it's Dave's turn to have some fun,
and lands his 45" Fish.

By this time we need to pull up our eels and 
make another drift back where it all started. Half 
way down our 2nd drift the down rod bends over 
and takes line fast.And my Maryland buddy,
(ok, I can't remember his name)
gets in on the action.  a nice 42" Rock.

It all came together after the tide changed 
today for the "RockHound" crew.

To get in on the action, call Capt. Pete
to put you on the fish. We have only
a few weekend dates left for the 2012 Bay
Rock Fish season. But we do have some no
parking lot, beat the crowd days during
the week Monday to Friday. 

     Full day weekend open charter dates for Dec;

Saturday  12/29/12

Sunday  12/30/12

    Walk on up Dates; 

Tuesday 11/27/12;  Night charter,  3 open spots

Thursday 11/29/12;  night charter,  4 open spots

All walk on spots are $125.00 
and require a $50.00 Deposit

"Call today to book your next charter"


Get in on the Action

"Get in on the Action"

"Rockhound Charters" has only a hand full
of weekend date's open for the month of Dec. 

The 2012 rock Fish season is in full swing
with "Rocks " in the 50 LB class being boated

Weekend open date's;

Saturday   12/29

We have dates during the week also open,
for full day and night Charters.

Call Capt. Pete to book a Charter

Friday, November 23, 2012

They are officially Here

"They are officially Here"

It was nice to see no wind and  flat water
this morning. A great way to start the day
after the blow we had for over a week.

Headed out to the Eastern Shore waters to
soak some eels. On our 3rd draft in 45 feet
of water we get our first knock down. After
about a 15 min. fight Dave lands this nice 45" cow.

Now we are all pumped up, get the rods 
set again and bang there goes the reel 
screaming on the port side. this time
its Dave's turn, ( had 2 Dave's today)
he plays the fish perfect to the net.
a nice 41" rock fish in the box.

We only boated 2 fish today, but we marked 
lots of big fish and bait. 

And this is Ross, he was a joy on the
boat today and he's welcomed back
anytime he needs to go fishing.

Call Capt. Pete to book a Charter

Monday, November 19, 2012

Weather looks great.

Time to Bloody the Deck

Weekend weather looks great, know of 3 nice rocks boated over the weekend. The Rock Hound will be out there from Friday on, we still have some open spots for this weekend. 

Friday Nov 23rd;  Full Boat

Sunday Nov. 25th; 2 open spots $125.00

Sunday Dec. 9th; 4 open spots $125.00

Out of Salt Ponds Marina, pulling out at 7 AM 

Call Capt. Pete 

Friday, November 16, 2012

"Come on Mother Nature"

"Let us go Fishing"

Mother Nature is giving us no chance to 
get on the water, and it looks like winds 
aren't going to let up anytime soon.

Looks like the weather gods will give
us a break starting next Wednesday. One 
thing is for sure the water temps are ideal,
and the fish are on the move from the north.

Thanksgiving weekend should be the 
start of good catches of Rock fish
in the 45" class. We all can use some
reels pulling drag and poles bent over.

Walk on Dates;

      Friday 11/23;   3 open spots

    Sunday 11/25;   2 open spots

Saturday 12/01;   Full Boat

Call Capt. Pete to book a Charter

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Time to Rock Anglers

"Weather Conditions for Rock Fish"

Well Anglers, this is what we have been
waiting for. This weekend should be ideal 
with water Temps in the mid 50's at the CBBT.

Fish in the 32" class are now being boated, and 
will start increasing in size from here on in. The 
water Temps to our north is also holding around 
the mid 50's, with air Temps going back up in the
 70's for the next week will be the ticket to control
 the future water Temps from dropping to fast.
Going over my records, the condition's are here
for catch's like in the photo below.

The Rock Hound is ready, its time to go fishing.

To book your Charter call Capt. Pete



Sunday, November 4, 2012

"Jan. & Feb. Up Date"

"Ocean Front Season Update"

The Rock Hound will be running our Rock Fish Charters 
for the months of January & February out of; 

 2100 Marina Shores Drive Virginia Beach VA.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

"Recon Charter Friday"

"Nice water, no Debris" 

The Rock Hound headed out Friday morning
to take a look around the Bay. We started at
 the 4th island with no bites at this time, than 
headed to the James river.

We started trolling around the HRBT with
the incoming tide. After about 20 min. we 
 boat 3 schoolie's  in the 17" to 20" class.
The winds started to pick up and after 2 
pass's we headed up river to the M&M. 
After trolling for about 2 hours and 9 more 
schoolie's boated we headed in for the day. All 
fish were released today to fight another day. 

I have canceled Saturday and Sunday's Charter's.
One more week should make a difference in the
quality of the bite and size of the fish.

Call Capt. Pete to book your next 

Rock Fish Charter;