Monday, February 28, 2011

Tuna blood on the deck

Arrived to our Hatteras dog house on Thursday the 24th, and got the RockHound ready for action for the weekend.

Saturday's Charter started out with the winds blowing and seas were rough heading out to the tuna grounds. Had Frank, AJ and our service boys on board today. After getting the spread out, our first bite came tight and Frank got the rod. After about a 5 min. fight we put some bait in the the box.

The next bite got AJ in the chair

After a 10 min. drag pulling battle, we lost the hookup. Up next in the chair was Henry, the fish hit hard and after a 5 min. fight we lost our 2nd hookup. The whole crew spent time in the chair today, but we never got tuna in the boat.

On Sunday had Phil and his crew on board the RockHound. Started trolling in the morning and all the marks on the fishfinder were deep. After about 2 hours of trolling the radio started to liven up of a bite south of us. We pulled in the spread and headed to the bite. On the way Captain Pete saw the gulf stream starting to rip and slowed down to take a look. He then yelled to drop the jigging rods down to 120 feet. within 1 min. we had 3 hookups, lost 2 but Ian's line started to peel line.

The time was 12:15 pm at this hookup, and we knew this was a big Bluefin on the line. After a 25 min. stand up fight, you can see Ian was working hard.

Now in the chair, Ian is 1 hour in to this fight, and holding on.

With the gulf stream ripping, we are now over 6 miles from where we had hooked up. Ian got the tuna to surface after 1 1/2 hours, and we got our first look at the bluefin.

Going in to 2 hours Ian is holding up well. As well as his gear, the Saltest spinning reel is at its limit and still holding on.

Its now 2 and a half hours and the bluefin is ready to give up, and surfaces behind the boat.

We are now over 16 miles from our hookup point, and Cory, the mate, gets the gaff hook in the tuna.

   Ian can now relax after his 2 hours and 45 min. battle with a fish of a life time.

Heres Ian with his 66" Bluefin

At this time, the RockHound has 3 opens for Saturday March 5th. Call Captain Pete at 757-256-6305 for info. 
Or go to

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lets go Fishing

The Rockhound is departing Friday the 26th of Feb. for Hatteras Landing Marina and the Bluefin reports are the bite is getting hot. We still have room for Sunday the 27th, call Captain Pete for discount rates offered for this Sunday.

Cell 757-256-6305

Tight Lines,
Captain Pete

Monday, February 14, 2011

Walk-on Charters

Rockhound Charters will be reserving Sundays for walk-on Anglers starting on Feb. 27th. The resonse to our make up Charter list is growing each day, if you would like to be placed on the list send a E-Mail to;

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Its Tuna Fishing Time

Well with the Rock Fish bite just about over, Its time to think Bluefin Tuna Fishing.

The "RockHound" is ready to head south to its Hatteras doghouse, located at,

      We will be arriving in Hatteras on the 26th of Feb. and ready to bloody our decks. With the Bluefin bite just starting, it will be in full swing
by March 1st.


               So, its time to book your trip with
Rock Hound Charters and get in on the action.