Sunday, July 8, 2012

Offshore Tuna action

"Nice Day Tuna Fishin"

I have been working a lot, (my real job)
so I haven't been getting out much lately.
Had the weekend off and got a charter together
for some Tuna action, its time to get offshore.

We ran to the 400 line, 40 fathoms and worked
are way north, our first hit came with 4 lines
going off with 3 false abbys and 1 YFT.

             Worked our way to about the 420 line, 45 fathoms
            and had a double go off. Managed to and 1 more YFT
            We stayed between the 420 and 400 line and picked
            at them all day.


                   Than at about noon, the short bare ballyhoo rig
             on the 30 wide goes off. Got lines in fast and started
            to back down to get line back on the reel. After about
            10 min. into the fight we get a look at what we have
            hooked in to, its a Big Blue Marlin dancing across the
            water about 200 yds behind the boat. Than as fast as we
           hooked him he was off, line showed his bill cut the leader
           about 2 feet from the hook.

                 Looks like there's going to be tuna around for a
               little while so lets go fishing, will be running charters
               for the next 2 to 3 weeks. Call Capt. Pete to book
               a charter today.

Will be doing walk ons for next weekend 7/14
Cost is $225 per angler

Call today 757-256-6305