Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"The Cape is Rockin"

"Another great day of Fishing"

The RockHound is on the fish, today we put over 25
Rockfish in the boat in just 2 hours. Fish were
from 36" to 47" and 12 in the fish box all over 38"

With fish of this class all I got to say is,

Its time to go fishing anglers.

"Even Captain Pete got in on the Action today"

"And yes, the RockHound deck was bloody today"

With so many rods going off, the
mates even got reel time today.

The RockHound still has a few dates open
as well as some walk ons spots open for January.

So, call Captain Pete today and let the
"RockHound" Sniff out the Action.


Sunday, December 25, 2011

"January Walk ons"

Ocean Front Rockfish charters

The RockHound has Sundays for Walk ons
for the month of January.

The best Rockfish bite is going on all this month,
the weather and water temps are the best in years.

So, don't miss out on the action call
Capt. Pete today and let the "RockHound"
"Sniff out the Action"

Available walk on dates for January

UPDATED 1/3/12

    1 spot for1/2 day morning Sat. 1/7/12
3 spots open for Sunday, 1/8/12
5 spots open for Sunday, 1/15/12
4 spots open for Sunday, 1/22/12
3 spots open for Sunday, 1/29/12

Call Capt. Pete at 757-256-6305 to book
your charter date today.

"Ocean Front Rocks are here"

"Great Ocean Front Rockfish Action"

The RockHound had its first ocean front charter
of the season, and we are in for a great season.

Today we had Capt. Gil and his family
on board the "RockHound"

The action started 10 minutes after Cory the
mate got the spread out in the water.

Everyone got in on the action, with 38" to 48"
Rockfish being put in the fish box.

 "Capt. Gil" and his  family had another
great day on the water, and are welcomed
aboard the RockHound anytime.

 "RockHound Charters" will be moving over to
the Virginia Beach Fishing Center Jan. 1st.

We are now taking bookings for the ocean front
Rockfish season. Remember, weekends book fast

We will be offering Walk on Charters as well, so
call Capt. Pete today and get in on the best \
Rockfish Action at its best.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"Dec Fishin at its Best"

"Here Fishy Fishy"

The past week has had its ups and downs, due to
the weather conditions and the ones that got away.
Heres a few Pic's of our past week charters.

The RockHound has been on the fish all week, day
and night. The night charters had been hit and miss
early in the week, but has picked up the last few nights.

The day bite is on fire right now, we boated some
nice Rocks this week. We had lost some big Fish
after battling them in 4 to 5 foot waves. 

With the last week of the 2011 Bay season
closing in, its time to get on the RockHound
and hook in to that big Rock Fish.

 We are running walk on Charters all next week,
day and night. So call Captain Pete for more info.

Please no E-Mails as I'm out fishing day and night
and can't get to check my PC as often as I would like.

Tight Lines,
Capt. Pete

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Good Fishing"

"Time to reel in some cows"

The fishing has picked up, water temps are in the
low 50's and big rocks are weighed in daily. 

Cows up in the 60 + lb class have been weighed
in this week, along with a few in the 50 lb class.

Only 2 weeks left and than its oceanfront Rocks.
And it looks like its going to be a great Jan. and Feb.

Once again its all in the water temps, and they are
right where we want them to be going into the New Year.

Come Jan. 1st the Rockhound will be Chartering
out of the Virginia Beach Fishing Center.
Weekends are booking fast for January,
so call Capt. Pete for more info
and get in on the Action.

Monday, December 5, 2011

"Just North of us"

"They're getting closer"

Reports have the Bay rockfish just north of
Cape Charles, up around buoy 42 to buoy 48.

Fishing has been slow, with a few anglers
picking up some nice Rockfish in the 40" to 48" class
in the lower Bay. Reports have a short bite during
the hours of, 4pm to 7pm and 4am to 7am.

Water Temps are getting better, need to drop
just a few more degrees to bring down the main
school of Rocks and trigger a good bite.

The RockHound has a few dates open during
the week of Dec. 26th to the 29th. Walk ons
charters will be available every Friday
and  Saturday night to Dec. 31st.

Tight lines,
Capt. Pete


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"Its All in the Temps"

"Water Temp Changes"

Fishing was slow this weekend, it was off due to
water temp changes from last week.

The Rock Hound boated only a dozen in the slot
this weekend in 4 charters. There was a bite between
4pm and 7pm on Friday and Saturday, with
some nice rocks in the 40" to 48" class.
"That was our down time between charters"

The Rock Hound will be out there this up coming
weekend, and have some open spots for walk-on's
for Friday and Saturday night Charters

Friday night 3 spots open  /  Saturday night 3 spots open 

Call Capt. Pete for more info at 757-256-6305

Monday, November 28, 2011

"December's Dog House"

Wallace's Bait and Tackle & Marina

For the month of December Rock Hound Charters
will be running charters out of Wallace's in Hampton.

Wallace's is a fisherman's Marina, there store offers
 everything from ice, food, fuel, live bait and tackle.

Rock Hound Charters will be docking at Wallace's
from July 1st to January 1st
thought out the up coming season of 2012

      Wallace's Bait & Tackle

365 Dandy Point Road
Hampton, Virginia 23664


Sunday, November 20, 2011

"And it Keeps getting Better"

"Hell of a Week"

Well we started out at 7:30am, we had Matt, Bill, Allen,
Va. Old Fart Joe, Crash, and my wife Kathy on the
 RockHound today.

Started reeling in fish about 15 min. 
once we got to the fishing grounds.

By noon we had boated 6 fish all in the slot.

Then all hell broke out for the next 3 hours. after it
was all said and done, we boated over 18 Rockfish
with 7 ranging from 35" to 37"
"Good job today Anglers"

      Hoping for good weather for Tuesday Night to get back at them,

Tight Lines,
Captain Pete

Saturday, November 19, 2011

"Another Rock'n Day"

"Nice Day on the Bay"

The RockHound put the Anglers on the Rockfish again today,
fishing today we had Keith Deel of VB, Cecil from TN, E.G.
from FL, and Kevin from GA.

 Today  was a 1/2 day Charter, and these anglers boated over 18 Rocks. Today we had a mix of keepers in the box, with 3 unders and 3 overs. Topping the list is a nice 42"er, nice job guys and glad to have you on board the RockHound.

Tight Lines,

Capt. Pete

"Short But Sweeeet"

"There Here"

Made our way out Friday night to see if  the pigs
          were in town yet and,

We found them. Total count was 18 fish boated, only 2 under 28" and only this one over 34". This is Mark holding the Rock that was 48" and well over 40 LBS, pulled him in on light tackle rod and reel.

"Short and Sweeeeet"

Capt. Pete

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Great day in the Bay"

"The RockHound Sniffs Out The Action"

We had a great day on the water today, as usual
the weather man was wrong.

Today we had Charles, Jose, Joel and Dave.

These guys had a blast reeling in nothing under 32"

They boated over 2 dozen Rock Fish.

With 2 nice Rock Fish at 42"

Nice job guys, see you next Friday night.

RockHound Charters only has a few weekend dates
left til the new year, so call Captain Pete to book
your 2011 Bay Rock Fish Charter today,

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Jan. and Feb. Dog House (Marina) location, Va. Beach, Rudee Inlet

"Location, Location, Location"

When the Rock Fish Season changes and the Bay Season closes, "Rock Hound Charters" will be relocating its Dog House for the months of Jan. and Feb. and will be Chartering out of ;
    This is to insure less time running and more time fishing. And remember, once we catch our limit "Rock Hound Charters" will
go to catch and release to insure you a full day's Charter.

We are now booking dates for Jan. and Feb., so call Capt. Pete
at 757-256-6305 for more info.

Tight lines,
Capt. Pete

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Are you ready to reel in some "ROCK FISH"

Well its November, and that means
"Great Rock Fish Action"
Rock Hound Charters still has a few dates open in
Nov. and Dec. So call for available dates.

"Night Charters"
We will soon be starting our Night Charters,
this is the best time to put 50+ LBers in the boat.

Call Captain Pete to book your 2011 Rock Fish Charter today, 757-256-6305

Tight lines,
Capt, Pete

Monday, October 24, 2011

Scouting report

The RockHound was out the past few days and nights doing some recon on the RockFish bite. Fish in the 23 to 26 inch are starting to bite with a few over 34inchs as well.

Schoolies are starting to show up around the 3rd and 4th island and the birds are working the area as well. Water temps this weekend were in the low to mid 60's.

Reports have it the bluefish are biting as well at this time, along with the speckled Trout. Its only going to get better, so call Captain Pete and book your Charter today. And remember weekends "BOOK FAST".


Tight Lines,
RockHound Charters
Captain Pete

Monday, October 17, 2011

"Lets go Fishin"

The Rock Hound is ready to sniff out the Action, its time to bloody her decks.

The bottom is painted, props are clean, motors serviced and the Rod and Reels are all ready to go.

  With the cool nights the water temps are starting to come down, that means its "Rock Fish" season.

 We will be on the water this week to get our patterns ready. Looks like wire lining is going to play a big part early this season for putting fish in the box.


So, call Captain Pete to book your Rock Fish Charter trip. Remember weekends BOOK FAST, so call today for available dates.

Tight lines,
Captain Pete  

Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Rock Fish season is here"

Well after a long summer, its here. The Rock Fish season is starting out this week with reports of 22" to 24" fish being caught up the James river.

   "Rock Hound Charters will be starting up the week of 10/17"

"Captain Pete is ready to get on the water and put you on the fish"

We are going to start the year out wire lining over the tunnels and casting jigs, and hitting the night time bite as well.

So call Captain Pete to get in on the action, and ask about our Oct. Charter deals.

Tight lines,
Captain Pete