Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"The Cape is Rockin"

"Another great day of Fishing"

The RockHound is on the fish, today we put over 25
Rockfish in the boat in just 2 hours. Fish were
from 36" to 47" and 12 in the fish box all over 38"

With fish of this class all I got to say is,

Its time to go fishing anglers.

"Even Captain Pete got in on the Action today"

"And yes, the RockHound deck was bloody today"

With so many rods going off, the
mates even got reel time today.

The RockHound still has a few dates open
as well as some walk ons spots open for January.

So, call Captain Pete today and let the
"RockHound" Sniff out the Action.


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