Sunday, March 24, 2013

Togging on the Rock Hound

"Well Worth the Wait"

    Well the Rock Hound has been trying to get back on the 
water just about every weekend sense January. The weather
 seems to be at it's worse come Saturday for the pass 7 weeks.

We arrived at the Triangles at about 7 AM, dropped anchor
and lines in. Within about 5 min. Chip gets the first bite and
it's a rod bender, his 11 lb 10 oz Tog goes in the fish box.

   The bite was steady all morning, from tog to black sea bass
and yes dog fish as well. This was Tommy's first tasted of salt water fishing, he did very well and can't wait to get back out.

Chip was having a good day fishing, seems no matter what
side of the boat he fished on, was the HOT side.

         Then later in the day with about 5 min. left to fish, Chip's
      rod bends over again. Amazing another paper for chip, this
      one even bigger than his morning paper. It weighed in at 
     12 lbs 8 oz, Chips 3 fish limit was over 30 lbs today.

         Our mate today Brandon, dropped a rod down right 
        where Chip was fishing and gets rewarded. 

Brandon has been fishing his whole young life (from the age of 3) and this was his first Tog paper 24 1/2" C&R. Mates fish a lot but never get to fish much,  congats Brandon. 

All an all it was a good day on the water, lets just hope
the weather keeps giving us the chance to get out there
and have more days like this one. 

The Rock Hound has Walk on's for Saturday 3/30
Departing at 4:30 am from Salt Ponds Marina, heading
to the Triangles. This is a Tog Charter, we will return
back at the dock by 4:30AM  $50.00 deposit required. 

Call Capt. Pete at 757-256-6305

Monday, March 11, 2013

Deep Drop Canyon meat Run

Deep Drop Meat Run

Hello Anglers,
  Don't know about you but, man I'm dying to get out on the water. And the weather for this Saturday, 3/16/13 is looking great. 2 to 3 footers every 10 sec. is the forecast as of now. 

   So, plan is a Meat Run, will depart from Salt Ponds Marina at 3 AM and head to the Norfolk Canyon for some Deep Drop Action. We will be returning back to the dock by 5 PM. 

  Cost is $235.00 per Angler, a deposit of $50.00 to book a spot is needed. 

Go to; 
to make deposit.

Call Capt. Pete