Thursday, September 25, 2014

Big Reds and Fall Rock Fish Season

"Pullage in the Bay"
After being unable to get out on the water, the
RockHound had found sometime to change that. We
ran out to the 3rd island Tuesday in 2 to 3 footers, 

 Started trolling for Blues and Macs to use 
for bait later on Red Drum.

It laid down nice around noon, and put lots of Blues 
in the box. Than had a hell of a run on light tackle,
 reel was screaming, got it to the boat. Its a 
False Abby at the CBBT.

So, now its time to set up for some Red Drum action.

Ended the day with boating Reds sea side of the 4th island.

The Rock Hound is now gearing up  for the
"Fall Rock Fish Season"

We plan to step it up this year in October. In the 
passed the Rock Hound waited for the Big Rock
Fish to show up to run charters. This year we are
planning to fill the fish box by targeting Rock Fish
schoolie's. We will also be adding other fish species 
to our Oct. charters to put more meat in the box. 

"Walk on's" 
As in the past, the Rock Hound is committed to giving
Anglers the chance to enjoy a day on the water without
the worries of trying to find 5 anglers to fill the charter 
boat. We offer many walk on charters weekly,and like in 
past years Sunday's are reserved for our walk on clients.

Call Capt Pete
 to book your next Charter