Monday, November 29, 2010

The Night Time Bite IS ON

Lift the dock at 6PM Sunday evening, had the pleasure of chartering Cory and his crew for the Evening. We started out behind the 4th inland and slowly worked our way to the high rise, casting eels waiting for the tide to change. Turned out to be a late change in the tide, but was worth the wait. All in all we had a fairly good night, we lost a monster on a pylon right after we had boated  3 - 42" to 46" Rock Fish and lost another due to over excitement of a new anlger, ( never thumb the spool )

 Thanks Cory for a great evening, see you on Dec. 11th. 
 We have some great night time fishing coming up next week Anglers, Friday thur Tuesday are prime nights. Call RockHound Charters now and get in on the Action 757-256-6305 or go to

Rock Hound Charters
Captain Pete

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Charter openings this weekend

I have this Saturday open for a full day Charter. Lets get in on the action, above Pic was from Thanksgiving Day weekend last year. Call Captain Pete for a great Charter rate now. Go to,

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Big Fish are here

Its time to go Fishing, headed out to land some cows and had some mechanical issues with the RockHound. Had to turn back and call it a early night. The fish where biting last night, here's some pics of what we missed out on.


The RockHound will be back in action today and ready to go.
           Call Captain Pete to get in on the action, go to
             for info.

Captain Pete  

Monday, November 22, 2010

The COWS are here

Its time to go fishing, Rock fish of over 34" to 48" are now being taking. The RockHound will be out tonight Fishing for some cows. Was out Sunday and got in to them arouind 2PM, had to be back at the doghouse by 3:30PM but hooked in to 2 before heading in at 2:30PM.

These fish where 34" , after we left my buddy got 2 in the 35 lb range. All in all, a report of 5 over 40lbs where boated last night. The night time bite is on, LETS GO FISHING call Captain Pete and book your Charter now. Have some good night time Charters left. 

Captain Pete

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Still looking....

Well its Nov. 18th and the 2010 Rockfish season is starting to pickup. Schoolie size fish are being caught, not a great bite at this time but is gradually getting better. The "RockHound" was on a recon trip today. With a nice weather window we headed north up the Eastern Shore in search of quality size Rockfish,
( in the 40lbs + range ). We ran over 100 miles round trip from the doghouse and it was worth the time and expense. We started searching in the 20ft water depth 1 mile offshore, than moved out to about 2 1/2 miles in to 40 ft water. The Lowrance Fish Finder started to mark large balls of bait in the 15 ft to 25 ft water column. We also started to mark fish below the bait and big marks mixed in this school. Being almost 1/4 mile long, this school of Rock Fish was impressive. The water temp was 55 degees the same as at the CBBT. This is 1 of several magration schools of Rock Fish on the way. This is the quality of fish I'm looking for to put in the boat for my clients. Within the next 2 weeks weather permitting, the Rock Fish bite is going to be on.

Captain Pete      

Thursday, November 11, 2010

And the wind in still blowing hard.

Well Its day 5 of high winds here in the Chesapeake Bay Va. Area, when is it going to let up. Water temps are dropping like a rock, water temp at the CBBT is 56.8 degrees today. Waves of 3ft to 4 ft make for a small boat advisory for the last 2 days and runs til Friday. Looks like it may lay down late Saturday, and Sunday looks like a fish-able day.

 Got a report from Captain Mike out of Atlantic City today. Told me there starting to pick up some Hogs in the 40lb to 50 lb Class just North of AC. It won't be long now, those hogs will be here in no time.

Just a reminder, the "Rockhound"  is ready for Action and our best Trophy Striper fishing is our Night time Charters. Call Captain Pete now to get Early Charter Booking discount rate, and get in on the action.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fishing report from the "RockHound"

        Jumped aboard the "RockHound" and headed to the HRBT to check out the action Friday evening,  to fish the outgoing tide.

 Had the pleasure to have 16 year old Zack on board working the pit. The birds were waiting patiently as we were for the tide to start heading out. After about an hour Zack got some rod action and boated a 25" Striper. We had a slow night and this is the only fish we boated, with the water temp at  only 60 degrees the fish are still not cooperating. 

I received a report from Captain Wayne of a bite out at the 2nd island today, and looks like the Stripers are starting to mve in. All stripers boated, 3 in the 25" range were covered with sea lice. This is a good sign of things to come.

Captain Pete