Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Awesome Weather to go Fishing"

"Great Weather for Fishing"

Today the weather was awesome, started out
with frost all over the "RockHound". The ride
out was 2 to 3 footers, with a nice sunrise. 

We got to the fishing grounds and put our standard 
8 rod spread out. The tide was still incoming til about 
11am, with 3 foot rolling waves. After the slack tide 
give way to the out going tide the action started. 

The inside planner board gets smashed, Bill
is first to the rod with the reel screaming.
After a 15 Min. battle, Bills wins with a 
nice 43" Rock Fish in the boat.

Not to be out done, as soon as we get the
planner back out it gets hit again. This 
time it's Dave's turn to have some fun,
and lands his 45" Fish.

By this time we need to pull up our eels and 
make another drift back where it all started. Half 
way down our 2nd drift the down rod bends over 
and takes line fast.And my Maryland buddy,
(ok, I can't remember his name)
gets in on the action.  a nice 42" Rock.

It all came together after the tide changed 
today for the "RockHound" crew.

To get in on the action, call Capt. Pete
to put you on the fish. We have only
a few weekend dates left for the 2012 Bay
Rock Fish season. But we do have some no
parking lot, beat the crowd days during
the week Monday to Friday. 

     Full day weekend open charter dates for Dec;

Saturday  12/29/12

Sunday  12/30/12

    Walk on up Dates; 

Tuesday 11/27/12;  Night charter,  3 open spots

Thursday 11/29/12;  night charter,  4 open spots

All walk on spots are $125.00 
and require a $50.00 Deposit

"Call today to book your next charter"


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