Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday Rocks

"Citation's  Today"

The day started out nice with a 44 Lber
in the boat at about 9am.

Our 2nd fish just missed at 38 Lbs

Than its doubles, and 1 at 42 Lbs

At about 1PM the rod just takes off and
we put this fat pig in the boat,
a 48 Lber

Ended up with only 9 rocks in the box,
but boy they were nice Rockfish.

The fish are here and its getting better
each day. The bay is full of fish and all
we need is a little cold weather to push them out.

Walk on Up date;

                                 Tuesday 2/7, 3 spots open

Friday 2/10, 3 spots open

Sunday 2/12, 4 spots open

Cost $150.00 per angler

Call Capt. Pete at 757-256-6305

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