Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fishing in the Pond

"Fishing the Big Pond"
The weather conditions made for a great ride both
to and from the offshore waters of the Norfolk
Canyon. The glassy water looked like a big pond today. 

The Rock Hound started the day's charter trolling, we
started at 30 fathoms outside the Norfolk Canyon. After
working the area we headed east to the north wall of
the canyon. Trolling for over 4 hours, we went 0 for 4
on White Marlins and 0 for 2 on mystery runs.

Approaching my Blue Line Tile hole, it was lines
in and time to deep drop for some meat.

With a drift speed of only 0.3, kept us right on top
of an avg. size of tile fish. After 1 hour we had 
boated a 5 man limit of meat for our anglers.

After a nice tile bite, and the anglers having a
great 1 hour work out we headed to the south 
side of the canyon to try our luck again trolling.
After 2 hours, we had no action trolling. With
the anglers all rested from the tile action, on to
the Black Sea Bass hole we went.

Once there, the boys wasted no time putting nice size 
BSB in the box. Even with no trolling action today, we 
made up for it with some great bottom fishing.

The Rock Hound is running another "Walk On" 
Charter next Saturday the 16th. Hoping to get
a good report of a YFT / Mahi bite by than, its 
nice to know we won't be coming home empty.

                        Walk on Charter's
       Date       Where       Availability      Cost 
        08/16/14       offshore          5 open spots           $250.00

Call Capt. Pete today at, 
to book a charter 

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  1. I want to take my sons deep sea fishing sometime. We have been out on the lake lots but there is nothing like deep sea fishing. How old do they have to be for me to take them?