Monday, December 24, 2012

"Nothing keeps the Rock Hound off the water"

"Great Short Day of Rocks"

Well the day started out on a bad note this morning,
waiting on the mate with car troubles. (part time mate)
Not to up set my charter I sent them to Denny's to fill
 up there bellies at the Rock Hound's expense, to give 
the mate time to arrive. Well after 2 hours waiting on 
the mate and a cost of $80.00 at Denny's I find out the
 mate is already out onthe water mating another Boat. 
A call the night before would have saved me $80.00.

"Nothing keeps the Rock Hound off the water", so we 
departed at 8AM to the fishing grounds. I gave the 
wheel to one of the crew members as I put lines out.

Within 5 min. a rod go's off and a rock hits the deck.

I reset the line and all hell broke out,
bang all 5 rods go off and we have our
over limit for the day. SWEEEEET

Just 1/2 hour of lines in and we are at C&R
for the rest of the day.

 We had rods going off one after the other.

We had doubles and triple rods bending.

After all the action and the crew full of reeling 
in rocks, they boat over 20 fish in 2 hours. We 
were back at the dock at 12:30, SWEEEET

Thanks go's out to my buddy boat, Capt. Zack
for helping me turn a bad start in to a 
"Great Day on the Rock Hound"

Call Capt. Pete to book a charter today

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