Sunday, October 7, 2012

"Nice Day Fishing"

"Good Deep Drop Day"

The 'RockHound" made a run to
the Norfolk Canyon to do some
Deep Drop meat fishing.

The day started out picking up
Blue Line Tile in around 320 feet.

 Black Sea Bass were also biting as well.

We made a move over to the
Golden Tile hole to try our luck,
but only managed to hook some
Rosie's and Barrel fish.

Next it was on to get some Mahi
in the fish box. After hitting 3
lobster Balls, we only hooked in 
to a few we saw and boated 1.

The "RockHound" than made a 
long run towards home to his hot
spot for black sea bass. With only
6 miles to go, we hit something in
the water. Turns out the prop on 
the port motor took a direct hit
and ending our day of fishing.

Next week we are heading out to
the Triangle Wrecks. We still have 
some open spots, cost is $200 per angler.

Call Capt. Pete to book a trip.

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